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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 21, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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nuclear concerns, key developments this morning in iran. the country starts up its first atopic power plant. what does it mean for our national security? we're going to tell you about the salmonella scare and how can you avoid getting sick. and how an 8-year-old british boy is stunning the ard
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world. his stuff is great. wait until you see it all. good morning, everyone. welcome to msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. it's 11:00 a.m. on the east coast and 8:00 a.m. out west. developing right now, swedish authorities are looking to question the wikileaks founder. an arrest warrant in sweden is issued for the man behind the famous whistleblower website. and nbc's reporter is in london with more. good morning. what are you learning today? >> reporter: good morning, alex. sweetish authorities have issued a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of molestation and rape in two separate cases. they're saying that they're urging him to contact the police and say they're seeking the arrest as part of the investigation. this doesn't necessarily mean that the charges will be find. what it means is that they just want to question him. the australian denied the allegations on the wikileaks twitter page saying that they're without basis and the issue of this moment is deeply disturbing. on the website's blog, it says that while he is focusing on the defense and clearing his name, wikileaks is continuing its
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regular operations. >> regular operations which would mean at the moment that he's working on publishing more controversial document there's. can you tell us about that? >> reporter: well, just last month, alex, wikileaks published 7 a,000 secret and u.s. military documents on the war in afghanistan. this was criticized by u.s. authorities because of concerns about how it would put the lives of soldiers and afghan informers at risk. julian said that wikileaks will be releasing another 15,000 documents over the coming weeks which will cause yet more controversy, no doubt. and one wikileaks tweet from the website says they have been warned to expect dirty tricks. now he was in sweden last week to seek legal protection for the whistle blowing website. police there are saying they've been trying to contact him but have not yet managed to do so. >> all right. tazeen ahmad, thank you very much. iran takes a major step towards starting up the first nuclear power plant despite united nations sanctions. overnight, engineers began
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loading atomic fuel for the project. this plnt will produce power, not a nuclear bomb. russia helped build that site and will make sure that nuclear fuel is not redirected to any possible weapons program. to martha's vineyard now and the first family spending the second full day on vacation. we have dramatic developments already during his time off. nbc's mike viqueira is with the president. good morning to you, mike. >> reporter: good morning, alex. >> what about the announcement of peace talks here between israeli and palestinian leaders? is that going to make it easier for the president to relax? >> reporter: you might think so. i think it's a pretty good guess. of course, it was the first family's first day, first full day here on martha's vineyard, second consecutive year they chose to vacation here. it coincided with that announcement from hillary clinton and george mitchell, the administration special envoy to the mid am east yesterday, back in washington that for the first time in almost two years, israel and the palestinian authority have agreed to sit down across
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the same table from each other and engage in direct talks. and those first talks will be held back in washington after the president returns on september 2nd at the white house. and before that, the night before, he'll hold a dinner with all the major players from the region including hos hosni muba and obviously much of the arab world as well as iran has not. but this will be the palestinians and the israelis sitting together for the first time in almost two years. certainly that is a foreign policy success to start off this vacation. yes, there has been some criticism with the unemployment numbers the way they are. with other factors aren't world, the president comes off that controversy over his comments in support of the building of that mosque should the local ordnances and authorities in new york allow it to go forward. there is also this mini controversy, the new poll out that showed that as many as one in five americans believe the president to be a muslim.
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certainly there were questions yesterday about that at the white house briefing that was held on martha's vineyard. but from here on out, it looks like it's going to be low key for the first family, events permitting. you know, of course, the president tried to take vacations in the past in hawaii last december. there was the failed christmas day bombing over the skies of detroit when he was here last year. senator kennedy passed away. there was also the matter of reappointing ben bernanke as chairman of the fed. but there was a little bit of reverse psychology employed by white house aides saying expect to be real busy this week and everybody, of course, laughed at that because the inside joke was that the president and first family as well as the staff that travels with him are looking for serious down time in the next ten days here at martha's vineyard. >> so they're going to be really laying low. do you think in part because of the criticism the first lady took with the trip to spain which was seen by extravagant? >> reporter: well, you know, the first lady in july during the height of the oil spill was in
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panama city beach. he she encouraged americans to spend their vacation down there to help the economy recover and demonstrate the gulf was clean to swim in. and then the first family went north, not south. they went to bar harbor, maine, a tony resort in maine. the first family did rectify that but not before the first lady and her youngest daughter went to spain for that vacation at that lavish resort on the coast there and then met with the king of spain. but they did end up going to panama city beach, they did end up swimming in the water. of course we saw that picture of the president and his daughter sasha taken by white house photographers. now they feel -- and white house aides say behind the scenes they feel the american people will understand that the president does need a vacation just like anybody else, alex. >> he does, indeed. mike viqueira, thank you so much. well, in a rare moment of good will between arch rivals, pakistan accepted $5 million in aid from india for the flood
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victims. food and shelters urgently needed for the 20 million pakistanis affected by the flooding. help is slow in coming. helicopters and boats deployed to deliver aid to the flood victims in the most remote areas of the country. the united nations set a fund-raising target of $460 million in emergency aid. a wildfire in los angeles county forced residents to evacuate homes has finally been totally contained. the stubborn blaze began around 3:00 p.m. yesterday and needed 150 fire fighters with three water dropping helicopters to put it out. the fire which was 50 miles northeast of l.a. and the latest a series of wildfires to affect that area. another major recall of eggs this morning. the crisis over potential salmonella illnesses is growing. nbc's michelle frans season joining me with all the details. michelle, good morning. >> good morning, alex. a massive recall. the fda says the largest in the nation's history now includes more than half a billion eggs. there are now two egg farms involved in the nationwide recall. the latest, hillandale farms
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recalling 170 million eggs. it follows wright farms recall of 380 million eggs. the farms are located in iowa, the nation's largest egg producing state. hillandale eggs were sold in 14 states from california to ohio and sold under various names including sunny farms, sunny meadow, wholesale farms and west creek. now the potentially tainted eggs date back to april of this year. more than 1,000 people have been sickened by salmonella symptoms, stomach cramps, nausea, fever, but there are no reports of any deaths. now the egg industry is a $6 billion a year business and the farms are now working with the fda to find out exactly how the contamination happened. >> so what should people to do? also, is it the shell? is it the whole egg? can eggs still be used or throw it out? >> reporter: in this case, it's the shell and inside of the egg. now you can check the numbers. you can cook them thoroughly and fda says that will take care of the bacteria.
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but to reduce the risk entirely, they're saying either throw the eggs out or return them. >> be cautious in this one. okay. michelle franzen, thank you. here's a scary moment in utah. police dash cam video shows a speeding car going the wrong way in the hov lanes. the soifr going to make a u-turn and pass the woman driving the wrong way while attempting to block her path. watch it. the woman crashes head on right there into the police car. the officer was treated for back pains the woman was arrested for driving under the influence, unsafe lane travel and other charges. she is also suspected in a hit-and-run descent. there's a mail carrier recovering after being struck by lightning in st. louis, missouri. the carrier was struck while drink mail during a thunderstorm on friday. he then complained of chest pains and taken to a local hospital. that same weather system also caused damage at a local festival with strong winds knocking over large tents there and displays as the vendors were trying to set up. and for more on the weekend forecast, we're joined by msnbc
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meteorologist bill karins. good morning, bill. >> good saturday morning you to. we're tracking pretty strong storms moving through out of the midwest into the ohio valley. they did do some damage last night. we had about 100 reports of severe weather. notice the blue dots that, is the wind damage. significant wind damage outside of st. louis and kansas city. and just to the north of chicago outside of milwaukee the storms are strong. we expect more severe storms today as our little pool of cool air through the great lakes and behind this cold front pushes to the east. today those severe storms will be in the ohio valley. and then possibly a few isolated severe storms in new england as we go throughout sunday. you'll also notice the southern half of the country is very steamy and that heat throughout rockies into the northern plains. so today's severe weather threat, that area in yellow, a slight risk of severe storms that is south of st. louis and includes the memphis, little rock area outside of tulsa and then back through the southern ohio valley, right along the ohio river we could see strong storms this afternoon with winds that could be strong. it also can have damaging hail.
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the rainfall forecast this weekend, east of the mississippi is where that front will create wet weather. so here's your forecast for today. sunny and gorgeous saturday from new england down through the mid-atlantic. typical afternoon storms in the southeast. and you'll notice how dry and warm it is from denver to kansas city. we'll call it 103 today as the heat continues in dallas. overall, just watching the storms and that front heading through the ohio valley. that's the worst of the weather on this weekend. >> we appreciate the heads up. thanks, bill. danger on the way. why new research suggests southern california is in store for a massive earth wake. plus, we'll introduce you to the 8-year-old british boy dubbed mini monet. he is raking in a fortune. [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. alone used over 39 billion plastic bottles of water. ♪
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the economic and environmental impact from the gulf oil spill is still taking a toll on the region. the drilling moratorium has put nearly 10,000 people out of a job and a massive underwater plume has been discovered deep in the gulf. nbc chief environmental affairs correspondent ann thompson is in venice, louisiana, for us. a good saturday morning to you, ann. >> reporter: hi, alex. >> let's get to the latest there. what's the feeling there with regarding the rig workers who have all been put out of a job since this moratorium began? are they stale put? are they looking for work elsewhere? >> reporter: there are only some rig workers put out of a job because of the deep water -- because of the moratorium on exploration or exploratory deep water drilling. in other words, trying to find the oil reservoirs beneath the surface. alex, we just got this from -- it's a letter from the national
11:16 am
incident commander thad allen and sent to bob dudley who is in charge of the response and recovery here along the gulf coast. as you know, will soon become the ceo of bp. in this letter he gives the authority to go ahead and start trying to recover any pieces of drill pipe that are still in the bop that is at the bottom of the sea floor. now in the last 48 hours, they've done pressure tests on the blowout preventer and the capping stack. this is part of the procedure to ultimately finally kill the well. they now have permission to go ahead and see if there are any pieces of drill pipe in the blowout preventer that could create any kind of obstruction. and then what admiral allen asked bp to do is submit to him by tomorrow a plan to remove the blowout preventer and the capping stack from the top of that well. the key here is that that blowout preventer is a key piece
11:17 am
of evidence in the federal investigation into what caused the deepwater horizon rig to explode. as part of that, admiral allen asked bp not just to come up with a plan but to provide live rov feeds, remember how we watched the spill cam for months, well, to provide a live television feed of when it removes the bop because it is such a crucial piece of evidence. they want to make sure it's not damaged and that the chain of custody is established. so all of that is supposed to be presented to the national incident commander by tomorrow. and then he will look at those plans and then decide whether or not they can go ahead with removing the blowout preventer and the capping stack. once that is done and then they put in a new blowout preventer on top of the well, then they can continue with the relief well and finally permanently cement that well from the bottom. al snechl. >> okay. can i ask you very quickly about this underwater plume and what kind of a problem this presents and where it is located right
11:18 am
now? it's been confirmed it's there. >> reporter: right. you have to remember this was a plume mapped at the end of june. it extended southwest from the leak site. it was 22 miles long, a mile and a quarter wide. it was -- admiral allen has done a great job of describing the plumz as essentially a mist of oil underfwheej the waneath the. now this plume was mapped and they don't know if it still exists, they believe it still exists. they don't know where it is because it was moving quite quickly at the time. the issue is there is still plenty of oil in the gulf of mexico. it may be in microscopic droplets, but those microscopic droplets could pose danger to marine life. alex? >> okay, ann thompson, thank you so much from venice, louisiana. avoiding unnecessary charges, we're going to tell you about 15 things you should not be paying for and we're going to show you those.
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californians are being told what they don't want to hear, they're overdue for a massive earthquake. historical research on the seismic activity shows that earthquakes occur far more often than previously believed. scientists thought major earthquakes occurred every 250 to 450 years. the study indicates they actually take place every 88 years on average. last massive earthquake on that part of the fault was in 1857 measuring 7.9 in magnitude. the obama administration issued a quick response to new poll numbers showing growing doubt about the president's faith. the poll shows nearly one in four americans mistakenly believe that president obama is a muslim. the white house's responding quote, president obama is a committed christian and his faith is in an important part of his daily life. the president's christian faith is a part of who he is, but not a part of what the public or the
11:23 am
media is focused on every day." let's bring in pat buchanan, msnbc political analyst and as well democratic strategist keith boiken in studio. gentlemen, good morning again to you. >> good morning. >> so i wonder what the president does with this. if you're advising the president, pat, do you recommend the white house stop talking about the issue, hope it blows over or put out more and more statements like one they have done to try to counter this misinformation? does he have to take this into his own hands? >> well, you know, it's 47 to 24. it's only 2-1 that people think he is christian over those who think he is muslim. i think it is a bit of a problem for the president. i would not start issuing statements from the white house. but i think if the president could be a little more visible steadily as he goes along about his christian faith and belief and thins like that, don't do it us atan tashsly. people will say, look, you just trying to cover, they're very suspicious. but if he did this basically sort of on a regular basis, and
11:24 am
i think that would go a long way. but i do -- i do consider this something of a problem. i'm mildly surprised it's that high. i mean 24 say he is a muz lick, 24%, and only 47% say he is christian. >> what do you think, keith? what does the president do? do you wish he would talk about this and make this bogus assumption go away? >> i agree. i don't think he can talk about it. it will look like he is trying too hard. there was the pugh poll that said a third of the public believed or knew that president obama was a christian. going back to the conversation we had in the previous hour that, means two-thirds of the public doesn't realize that president obama is a christian. two-thirds of the public doesn't think that, and two-thirds of the public is okay with the mosque idea in ground zero. i think there is a great deal of misinformation out there about muslim issues in america and a great deal of scapegoating and president obama's become the victim of that.
11:25 am
>> richard nixon was a quaker. did efface similar pressures or was it a nonissue? >> richard nixon was in world war ii. they were generally known as pass vists. he was out in the pacific with the navy. he also had a very close association with billy graham, dr. graham. i remember in the 1968 campaign we went to pittsburgh and billy graham was having a crusade and richard nixon was. there and he introduced him to the white house services, nondenominational services every sunday and bring in catholics and protestants and others to preach. and so he was very much associated, if you will, with mainstream christianity in america. and the fact that he was a quaker never really gave him any kind of problems as know. >> what about your thoughts, keith, whether religion should be an issue for presidents.
11:26 am
>> i don't know if it should or could but it has. you go back to 1924 and 1928 when al smith ran for president and him being a catholic. i worked with mike dukakis, he was greek orthodox. people didn't talk about it that much. but there is a real fear of the otherness here in america, things that are different. and so those who are part of nontraditional religions have to sort of go an extra step to convince the american public that they're okay or acceptable. it's not good. it's not desirable. but it's the reality in our country because we have so much religious prejudice. >> alex? >> yeah? >> i noticed in that poll, the same one keith is talking about, i think a significant number of americans say they would not vote for a muslim. and a number said they would not vote for a mormon. this was a real problem for mitt romney in the last election. also, mike huckabee where he's very strong, he's he van gellic all christian, there is a lot of people that say i'm not sure we want one of those folks in the
11:27 am
white house. so religion is still a very important and it can be a critical factor in presidential elections. >> you know, it's backing up what keith said with regard to mike dukakis. it's that just other. it's the nonmainstream factor, keith. >> well, yeah. looking at what obama's situation was two years ago, he was damned for being a radical black christian and now he is criticized for being a muslim. i think the reality is that the public is still fearful about different religions and we're still mostly christian country. but we still have a great deal of education to do which is part of the reason, again, why this mosque issue is so important in terms of educating the public. >> you know, alex, remember back in 2000, didn't al gore put joe lieberman on the ticket because he was jewish. >> right. >> he would get -- he would help him terrifically in new york and connecticut, new jersey, florida if he were jewish. other states like california.
11:28 am
so quite frankly, politicians when they close the doors, they take these things into consideration. they say how are we going to have to deal with it? what are we going to do? how can we minimize our problem? >> i want to make sure that it's clear that al gore didn't put him on the ticket only because he was jewish. it was one of a number of factors. i don't neat the tweets today. i'm just saying. all right? okay. pat buchanan and keith boiken, thank you. this sunday on meet the press, an exclusive conversation with the man heading up the opposition party on the hill. we'll hear from republican senator mitch mcconnell of kentucky. it is tomorrow on "meet the press." check your local listings. big money playing politics. both parties are in a fund-raising race to the mid terms. so far, this contest is not even close. are the same, consider this: a tornado hits, air life denver takes off... their night-vision goggles keeping the rescue mission safe... and powering those goggles-- the only battery air life trusts: duracell. trusted everywhere. [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. alone
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it's a small step that can make a big difference. at pso, we set out tot your dog to discover the science inle. some of nature's best ingredients. we created purina one with smartblend. new, delicious shredded morsels and crunchy bites, with real meat, wholesome grains and antioxidants, for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your dog. purina one improved with smartblend. discover what one can do. we want to bring you this news. it's an update we've been telling you about this morning. prosecutors have now withdrawn a warrant for the wikileaks
11:32 am
founder julian assang. he says the rape suspicion is unfounded and he's denied the charges. we've been reporting that throughout the day to day. he's been doing that via wikileaks website twitter page. but getting word from authorities. they have withdrawn the warrant for the wikileaks founder saying that the rape suspicion is unfounded. well, the flooding in pakistan reached a point where people are throwing politics aside and trying to help out a nation in need. now even india, pakistan's feuding neighbor, is adding to the relief efforts by contributing $5 million. joining us now by phone from pakistan, stephanie goss who has the latest for us. good morning. what's it like there today? >> reporter: good morning, alex. there continues to be flooding. this is really the last of it. it is that same rain flood that hit this country over three weeks ago, having moved all the way down the river and affecting towns in the south. the advantage that they have, if you call it that, is they have
11:33 am
warning. they knew it was coming. they got people out of harm's way and evacuated them. and now officials in this country say that the water is starting to recede over the country and will have a spell of relatively dry weather. but that it certainly is not the end of the problems here. there is an enormous need for just about everything for people that have been affected by these fluids, housing, food, water, all of those shortages do exist. and we've been talking about the fact that the world community is starting to take notice. united nations should they would have 70% of the goal for donations but kurng the donations into concrete things that help people on the ground here is going to be very difficult. alex? >> yet that goal of being $460 million, 70% of the way is a significant amount of money. but certainly when you look at the devastation, stephanie, it doesn't even come close to what will be the sum total cost for putting this nation back together after -- isn't it a
11:34 am
fifth of the nation that's been underwater? >> reporter: it is. we're in the valley and we saw some unbelievable things. almost every single bridge in this region was swept away. something like 40 or 50 bridges. there's no way to cross the river. it will take a long time to rebuild that. it's the electricity grid is gone. officials say it could take two years to rebuild that. so once the immediate need is met for people with housing, food and water, they need to start looking long term and rebuilding the infrastructure of this country on top of that pakistan's which he was on life support before this storm hit. it wasn't strong to begin with. and now they have to rebuild that and they have to deal with this he thunderstormous catastrophe that has really changed the entire landscape of this country. >> okay. stephanie gosk. i want our director to put up
11:35 am
the satellite images. look at all the blue right there. it is an extraordinary thing let alone from space. can you imagine seeing that firsthand and living through this destruction there on the ground? okay. again, stephanie gosk, thank you for that and my director as well. dallas police are on the lookout for a violent knife wielding robber today. they're hoping the surveillance video of the suspect taken at a dallas gas station right here will help people identify this man. look at. that he is wres thalg woman to the ground, tried to steal her purse. the whole time wildly swinging a knife at her. the purse likely saved the victim's life. the knife went into the purse instead of her. that's pretty shocking. police and federal agents are searching for 75-ounce gold bar stole african a key west museum on wednesday. the block of gold is valued at $550,000. it was swiped from the glass case at the museum where it's been on display for over 20 years. the bar was originally recovered from a ship wreck about 400
11:36 am
years ago. let's go to politics now and the money race heating up. with new reports showing democrats pulling away. the dnc raised $11.6 million in july, more than doubling the $5.5 million raised by republicans. let's bring in charlie cook, msnbc political analyst. charlie, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> how important is the financial edge when you look ahead to the midterm races? >> well, money is important. but it's not the determinetive thing. the fact is that, you know, on the democratic national committee republican national committee, that's about the least important part of the equation. more important thing are the senate and house committees and republican and democratic governors association. in the senate committees right now, the democratic and republican senate committees are raising about the same amount of money. it's basically parody. democrats in the house have more money than they do in -- than republicans do in the house. and then republicans have a heck of a lot more money than the governor's races than democrats do. and so it's a much bigger picture than the dnc and the
11:37 am
rnc. but the thing is money can help you a little bit. but when there's a big wave out there, money doesn't help you as much when there's a tidal wave coming in against you. and right now it's a pretty strong tidal wave out there helping republicans. >> yeah. charlie, i know that you've been writing about all this. you've been looking at it from all angles. without holding you to it, give us your early pro dictions for november, which party is going to control congress and why? >> well, i still think that democrats are more likely to hang on to the senate. but with much smaller numbers. republicans need a ten seat gain. i think they're going to get four, five, six, seven, eight. maybe they get nine. but ten is a pretty tough number for republicans to get to. basically, they have to win 16 out of the 18 seats either democrat or republican that could change hands. the house representatives, though, i think is more likely to tip over than not. when we do our sort of micro politics as local count looking at each district individually,
11:38 am
we see democrats picking up -- excuse me, republicans picking up between 35 and 45 in a 39-seat gain for republicans would tip the house over. frankly, i think that's very conservative. and i think it's probably going to go higher than that. so probably the safer thing to say is that i think we're going to pick up at least 35 seats. 39 seats would tip over the house. and we could be looking at 45. we could be looking at 50. we could be looking at more than 50. >> what do you think it would take for that not to happen? >> i think it would take a huge external event. what democrats need to have happen is unemployment to come down this year. hasn't happened. they needed public attitudes towards health care reform to fundamentally change. hasn't happened. you know, they need to sort of be able to take control of the agenda in washington and other events have been driving the story. and so all the things that democrats needed to sort of rescue them, none of them have
11:39 am
happened. and so obviously we have 70 -- what is it, 72, 73 days before the election. things could change. but this late in the game, things usually don't change much. and they tend to get bigger from this point on to election day. not smaller. >> charlie, have we got a precedence for something like this? >> we've seen back in the early '9 o's when you saw a bunch of hill scandals. there was an anti-incumbent that hit both parties won election. you had the incumbent re-election rate for both parties went down. but it's very unusual. the thing about it is we're not going to -- you know, there is a maximum of one republican incumbent in the whole country that could lose re-election in november to a democrat. and he's a republican and in an african-american district in new orleans. on the republican side, there's sort of an ideological purging
11:40 am
of moderates and centrists by conservatives. but there's not an anti-or truanty incumbent dynamic on the republican side. but this is really more of a -- i think it's more of a partisan wave. >> thank you. charlie cook, come on back any time. >> take care. a recent article in "u.s. news and world report" details the 15 things we should not be paying for in. in the tough economic times, that's getting your attention. joining us now is the man that wrote that article, phil taylor. good morning you to. let's get right to this, phil. okay. first couple things we should not be paying for are basic computer software, your credit report, your cell phone itself, books, water. but the cell phone one, a lot of people are scratching their heads. how's that? >> well, you could borrow an old cell phone from a friend or a family member. you could get one maybe off craigslist. but the easiest way to get a free cell phone and a new one is
11:41 am
to go directly to the service providers, at&t or verizon and sign up with a plan. you have to pay for the plan but you can get really nice phones now for free. >> what about the next five things we shouldn't pay for? the credit card fees, debt reduction help, basic tax preparation, the news and budgeting tools. first of all, the fees. how do you avoid paying credit card fees? they charge them, don't you have to pay them? >> the biggest fee i'm talking about is the annual fee. and so first thing you want to do is make sure you sign up with a card that doesn't have an annual fee. you go on my website and i have a list of good credit cards. and i tell what you the fees are. and so you can avoid a fee up front. you know, some cards have good perks and you want to make sure that if the perks on your card are worth it, then it may be worth having that annual fee. but for most consumers, day to day spending, it's not worth having that annual fee. then, of course, interest charges, the easiest way to avoid interest charges on a credit card is make sure you pay it off every month.
11:42 am
>> okay. last five things on the list of what should be free are pets, shipping, checking account, dvd rentals and exercise. with regard to exercise, what do you mean? just get outside and walk, don't go to a gym? >> that's right. you know, if you're -- if you're budget is type and skip the gym membership. rent some dvds, exercise dvds from the library, do them in your home go, to the park. you know, take the bike out for a ride. take the kids out. take your dog out, whatever it is. but ghaet free exercise. it's out there. it's available. >> yeah. okay. well phil taylor, a lot of it is common sense. thanks for putting it together. appreciate that. check this out, everyone. an 8-year-old british prodigy is making a pretty penny while taking the art world at storm. his latest exhibition has already sold for a hefty sum of $235,000. nbc's martin fletcher has more on this 8-year-old from london. >> reporter: his paintings sell for tens of thousands.
11:43 am
he is compared to picasso and monet. and he's 8 years old. >> i want to be an artist. >> reporter: that is a done deal. he lives among the marshes where a gathering storm clouds and winds to him are just light, schacht yoez and tones. >> it puts a light on the landscapes and the big open skies. >> reporter: art lovers around the world are lining up hoping to buy an early work from a future genius. certainly this gallery owner agrees -- >> the standard of which he is painting are very many nis ent of 9 to 12-year-old painters now. >> reporter: it all started on a family trip when he asked for paper and colors. he was 5 then. and he hasn't stopped since. his parents advice -- >> never give up and practice every day. >> reporter: he doesn't take art classes or attend special
11:44 am
school. his favorite movie, "fantastic mr. fox." he loves soccer and bedtime is 7:30. an ordinary kid. it's just that he sees things differently, not just a church, but -- >> flashes of light and a bit of raised cane and right in the middle of the church. >> reporter: yours for $30,000. his parents don't want to rush him, trying to keep his love for pabting alive rather than bury him with pressure. his future seems mapped out, though. martin fletcher, nbc news, london. >> quite a story. well is the moon shrinking? new research suggests so. don't you worry. it won't be disappearing any time soon. scientists say cracks in the moon's crust have formed as the interior has cooled over the last billion years or so. the researchers say that means the surface has sh rufrpg, too, but you wouldn't notice from just gazing at it.
11:45 am
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on the human network. cisco. a big weekend for new movies and newly released including "the switch." jennifer aniston plays a 40-something woman abandoning the search for a man and opting to raise a child alone. check it out. >> i'm having a baby. >> you're pregnant? >> not yet. but i'm working on it. i went to the doctor. she said all the levels are really great. my cervical mucous is gorgeous. >> thanks for that. >> and then i thought to myself, i can do this. i don't need a man to have a baby. >> so amy jones joins us now. it looks cute. what did you think? >> it does. it's a great movie. we saw something similar in "the backup plan," this is different. it takes place seven years after the fact that she did have this child by herself. and we see what happens with her relationships and her relationship with her child.
11:49 am
interesting. everyone loves him. it's a giant buzz in hollywood right now. >> that's g what about lottery ticket? this might be funny for a lot of you. check it out. >> grandma, look. we won the lottery! >> let me see here. 4, 32, 42, 35, 21. >> you got all six of them. >> yes, we won! ♪ >> okay. it's got me laughing. >> can you imagine if you were in that position? >> it's great summer fun. that is bow wow. he is an adult now. and in the movie he wins $370 million. and he has to kind of work out everything with the neighbors. and it's funny. ice cube is in it. t it's a good movie. young adults and teens will be flocking to see this film this
11:50 am
weekend. >> what about kim kardashian? she is using at which timer er create a stir. >> she is becoming a branding guru. she just tweeted for one night only a gur ruchlt she just tweeted for one night only, a picture of herself from her 2011 calendar. men all over the world are thanking her for this. and she has 4.5 million followers on twitter. so it's an ingenious marketing scheme. >> so like this and buy this. goes right into her pocket. she does pretty well with that. >> she does. she's building her empire and she's really becoming someone that people look up to the reality show world because it looks like she is able to create a brand from just being on television and a lot of people like to follow like our friends from the jersey shore who we haven't mentioned this morning. >> and we are not going to. i also met kim kardashian, she
11:51 am
is so sweet. very sweet girl. it's all good. thank you very much. same applies to you. >> thanks. cashing in on the recession, the stocks that some say could turn out to be money makers after a break. look for our coupon in this weekend's newspaper. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a new liquid gel. new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®.
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fear of a double dip recession continues to stall the marktszs but there may still be some solid bargains in stocks out there. reporter for "money" magazine recently wrote ten aweighs to make some real money. >> good morning, alex. >> in your ashlgs you cite health care stocks as the worst performing group but it's a good investment? >> i should preface this, this is if you have a little money to risk. not your core holdings but analysts have said there's a lot of reform during health care reform that it would hurt these companies and patents on blockbuster drugs are set to expire soon.
11:55 am
so health care stocks have been in the doldrums that said, analysts point out the companies have gone into many emerging markets where spending on drugs is expected to be grow faster than it is here in our own country and even if price are squeezed here, you know, let's face it, as our population ages, health care spending will increase. so many analysts have said over the long haul these can, little of a risky bet, but if you want to make a play, this is where you can do it. >> also, deep water oil drillers down 50% but butt that might be a good buy. >> it's no surprise they have taken a hit since the gulf oil spill. that said, they do face immense challenges ahead of them. but at the same time analysts are beginning to think that investors are punish some of these companies unfairly because over the long term demand for drilling will remain high. >> okay. also, utility companies are beating historical averages.
11:56 am
why do you think that is? >> if you look at utility companies as stocks, they don't necessarily look like a great deal because you're not looking at them for growth opportunities. they're a great income play today. typically they yield less than treasuries, but right now, they're playing about 2% points than treasuries, so they can be a compelling bargain today. >> there are specific utility companies you should be looking at? >> a couple of analysts have recommended ppl, a pennsylvania utility or spread your risks-spread your bets across many companies and get an etf that specializes in utility stocks. >> but but if you don't 'do not have the money to risk, do not do that. >> that's the bottom line fmplt you're looking to make aly with money you can risk, there might be opportunities here for you. >> thanks for the heads up, amanda gangler from "money"
11:57 am
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